Our Programs

Indigenous Elders and Healers provide up to 50% of the care provided. The other half of our programming is provided by a primary care team, including experienced physicians, nurses, counselors, and social workers who embrace the concept of providing an Indigenous “primary care home” for their patients.

Alongside our community-focussed cultural healing and primary-care programmes, the UIHHC has partnered with the University of British Columbia to train the next generation of healthcare professionals and Indigenous healers and cultural teachers.

Traditional Healing

Relationship-based care that honours physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Our Elders and Knowledge-Keepers support the development of a positive identity and a connection to Indigenous teachings, medicines, songs and culture through a connection that is non-judgmental and grounded in compassion.

Primary Care

Our primary care practice is located at 626 Powell St. We provide a team-based, comprehensive “patient medical home” model with an emphasis on cultural-safety and health-equity.

Mental Health & Wellness

We bring a team-based, ‘wholistic’ approach to diagnosing and treating mental health issues across the life cycle. Our interprofessional team addresses the underlying causes of trauma and supports emotional, psychological, cognitive and behavioural health and wellness.


Our team collaborates with community-based, participatory-action oriented research teams that have strong connections with the Indigenous community. Research projects are highly collaborative in nature and are guided by a community needs. Our researchers hold expertise in intimate partner violence, advancing health-equity for Indigenous people and partnering with Indigenous Elders to create better mental health outcomes for Indigenous people in the DTES.

Education & Training

UIHHC will be the training site for the family practice residents within UBC’s Aboriginal Family Practice Residency program. It will also serve as an educational environment for students enrolled in many of UBC’s health and social services programmes.

Social Intervention

Coming very soon.